About Us

A first time home buyer often struggles in their search. It isn’t the fact they have to find their dream home it’s what comes after – the mortgage. Dealing with a mortgage at any time is tough and those new to the experience will find it more so. You probably know this but buying a home requires a mortgage and it means using the services of a broker. However, do you understand the purpose of a mortgage broker? If not, read on to find out more.

Assisting First Time Buyers

Mortgage brokers have one real purpose which is to assist buyers. This is what every broker is trained for and it is what they do day in, day out. A mortgage broker Vancouver looks to every individual buyer and assess for what they are a potential match. The broker will also look at the financial history of the buyers and find out what they can afford.

Negotiating Mortgage Rates

Using a mortgage broker can be much better for those who are in the closing stages of selecting a mortgage. There is usually a fair amount of negotiations associated with mortgages as most look to get better rates and terms. Very few banks and lending institutes are willing to negotiate with buyers and in fact for many buyers they aren’t comfortable with this. However, brokers can take it upon themselves to negotiate on your behalf. You don’t have to talk to the lender and in most cases; the broker ends up with a better deal.